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  • Glass&sugar
    Spain is one of the most logical country when one want to speak of food and of design. Last month Barcelona was the place to be to discover a very special event."oh!BCN" is an independent project under the framework of the Barcelona Design Festival. The speakers and all the participants came from gastronomy, design and glass crafts, arts background and trend research.

    photo by Poldo Pomés

  • PASTArchitecture
    Apart from being a creative cook’s dream ingredient to work with, Italian pasta, as we know it, can be a creative team’s favoured construction material as well. On Yatzer, in the past, we’ve seen beautiful projects that take pasta out of its original context in, for example, the pasta carpet by We Make Carpets.

    Pavimento parquet, Rigatoni // photo © Aaron Tilley, The Gourmand issue No3.


    Modernized bottle and ecological packaging refresh a boring old olive oil container into something that will impress guests as well as blend into any curio shelf or kitchen counter. El Poaig olive oil packaging is a youthful design developed by CuldeSac Products. Based in Valencia, Spain this creative crew has the sole purpose of adding value and innovation to a product or business. With the El Verd del Poaig the team aimed for a youthful porcelain dispensary with modern sheet cardboard packaging for chefs and gourmands to fawn over.

    The lusty yellow and green tinted cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil delicately drips out of the nozzle creating a subtly gorgeous contrast with the white porcelain base. The oil dispels notes of freshly cut grass, fruits, walnuts, and almonds. The aroma wafts through the air ending in an essence of fig fruit, artichoke and olive oil tree leaves. The taste is sweet and balanced that turn slightly bitter with a green fresh oil taste to end the experience. Cultivating 3000 year old olive trees in Maestrat on the eastern coast of Spain instills tradition and quality into every bottle.



    Sensorial stimuli Cutlery is a project by Eindhoven based designer Jinhyun Jeon to create a richer experience of tasting through the creation of specific cutlery stimulating the senses.
    Cutlery design focuses on getting food in bite-sized morsels from the plate to the mouth, but it could do so much more. The project aims to reveal just how much more, stretching the limits of what tableware can do. Focusing on ways of turning eating into a richer experience, a series of dozens of different designs were created, inspired by the phenomenon of synesthesia. This is a neurological condition where stimulus to one sense can affect one or more of the other senses.